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Link Click Counter service is totally free. We launched this service in January 2020 and decided to compete with the best services available on the web without forcing our users to pay a subscription fee.

To sustain this business we ask for voluntary donations or use digital advertising. If you are interested in advertising with Link Click Counter please consider our main audience: marketers, programmers, bloggers and internet enthusiasts, reaching us mainly from google organic search.

  • 21,328 members Users
  • 98,522 urls Links Created
  • 20,921 subscribers Subscribers
  • 108 reports Weekly reports

Our advertising options are described here.

Display banners

One single display banner per page costantly visible to all users. This banner is higly visible and perfectly integrated in user control panel for both mobile and desktop website versions. Users will constantly have this banner in the screen while creating new shorter links or managing the existing ones or analyzing statistics.

display ads demo

Email marketing

We have many users who subscribed to our email marketing optional service. We use this service only with marketing scope and with very low frequency and with very high quality ads.

Weekly reports

The users, for each one of their short URLs, can optionally receive a weekly email containing a report of the clicks. The report may show a banner with a hyperlink to the sponsoring website.

weekly reports demo

Please contact us and ask for a quotation. Looking forward to work together.